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10 sights on Tenerife the Teide

If you have read about Tenerife, there is one word that you would have constantly found in the descriptions: variety! On this island there exists various climate zones, a variety of landscapes, numerous cultural influences and, of course, innumerable attractions. You have so many things to explore that you simply wouldn’tknow which to choose first!

But, not to worry, we will help you! We´ve prepared an overview of the 10 best spots in Tenerife. We will help you to make sure that you don´t miss out on the most beautiful places and sights. Three of these attractions can only be foundhere on Tenerife (these are marked with a star *).

In this way, you will be able to plan your excursions much easier and therefore you will not miss the most important sights of Tenerife.

Let´s begin:

1. El Teide *

The aborigines of Tenerife, known as ‘Guanches,’ called him “Echeyde”, which means hell. For them, this was a place with evil forces. Nowadays however, “El Teide,” which hasa height of 3718 meters, is better regarded as the highest mountain in Spain and the third highest island volcano in the world.

If you want to have a really special experience however, you have to visit the national park. It has a huge amount of diverse rocks, bizarre rock formations called “Pasaje Lunar” (Moon landscape) and gigantic plants with red flowers which rise like flamy candles out of the ground to create an overwhelming atmosphere.

10 sights on Tenerife the plant and the street toTeide

Do you want to fly to an even higher game? Then get the cable car (“Teleférico del Teide”) to reach the top of the volcano. At a height of 3555 meters, you will have an amazing view over the neighbouring islands of Tenerife.

The Teide and his national park belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. The beauty of this giant is one of the sights that you can only experience here in Tenerife!

2. Masca

Isolated from civilisation, this small village can only be reached through a very narrow street. Masca sits above a gorge which shares the same name (“Barranco de Masca”)and is located in the mountains of Teno. Around 100 residents live in this picturesquel location.

For a unique experience, take part in the four-hour walking tour which passes through the gorge of Masca. Fig trees, Canary date palmes, agaves, almond trees and burbling streams can be seen on your way to the beach. This tour is frequently mentioned as being one of the most beautiful hiking paths on the island. After arriving at the beach, you will be able to take a ship to Los Gigantes (with luck you can watch dolphins or whales) or you can return by foot on the same path.

10 sights on Tenerife Masca

3. Taganana

Taganana is situated on the most nothern point of Tenerife where there are high cliffs and an incredible view of the ocean. With a wild, romantic landscape filled with rocks, Taganana also has beaches, and terraces-field as well as historical Canary architecture. The small city in the middle of the mountains of Anaga is really worth the visit! Taganana was founded in 1501, and is therefore one of the oldest cities on the whole island. Taganana also has one of the first churches of Tenerife which is known for the precious triptych in the prayer room.

Taganana is perfect for hiking. In this area you will find a lot of hiking paths that lead to the surrounding green mountains. Enjoying the original and wild nature of Tenerife, you will be able to relax completely from everyday life. You can also go to the beach of San Benijo which is one of the most popular areas to take a photo. At this location high rocks rise out of the water.

10 sights on Tenerife Taganana

4. Garachico

500 years ago Garachico was founded by Italian merchants and eventually became  the economic centre of Tenerife. 200 years later however, the whole city, including the port, was buried by a volcanic eruption. The church and the monastery of Garachico were the only structures to be spared. Today you can visit them and other historical buildings like the harbour fortress “Castillo de San Miguel”.

10 sights in Tenerife Garachico

In Garachico today you will find lovely restored buildings and grand city halls. The inner city is a car free zone and contains little, hidden parks, such as the  “Rincón de los Poetas”. On the promenade you will be able to take a bath in the natural swimming pools which are made of solidified lava.

Garachico received its name from his emblem, which is a huge rock that looms out of the water in front of the city. The Guanches called it small island (“Igara” means island and “chico” small).

5. Los Gigantes *

10 sights on Tenerife Los Gigantes

“Los Alcantilados de Los Gigantes” are the second highest cliffs in Europe. They are 500 meters high and are nearly vertical. The aborigines called them evil walls because originally they would prevent invaders from accessing Tenerife.

“Los Gigantes” are tremendous structure that are naturally beautiful and  only exists here on Tenerife. The best place to gaze at these giants is from the water. On the port you will receive a lot of offers to take a boat-trip. Whale-watching is included.

6. Loro Parque

Of course you can find zoos all over the world.. The Loro Parque was recently elected as the best zoo of Europe however and gives the concept a completely new meaning. It all started in the seventies with a small parrot park (“Loro” it´s the Spanish word for parrot). The small park has become a combination of magnificient animals and has the biggest parrot collection in the world. The zoo houses around 350 different parrot species and  you can meet most of them in a spectacular show where  they perform tricks and fly over the visitors´ heads by a hair´s breadth.

You also can visit a lot of other shows in the Loro Parque – the sea lions will make you laugh, the dolphins will astonish you and the orcas will splash you. Furthermore, there is a shark and a penguin aquarium, a collection of jellyfishes, a hike through the treetops and lots more. It´s a must-see in Tenerife!

10 sights on Tenerife Loro Parque

7. Cueva del Viento

27.000 years ago, the Pico Viejo – the second highest volcano beside the Teide – erupted, and the lava froze into three tubes creating three different platforms. One of these tubes is 18 kilometres in length and therefore forms the biggest volcano tube in Europe and the fourth longest of such cave in the whole world.

10 sights in Tenerife Cueva del Viento

The best of all: 200 meters of this lava tube, which is near Icod de los Vinos, is accessible for visitors! The fascinating guided tour takes two hours long and introduces you to a world with lava formations, deep hollows and rock gallerys. In addition, the “cave of wind” (the name comes from the strong airflows in the canal) is famous for its rich fauna. Various new species of animals were discovered here. Don´t miss this adventure!

One tip: Firm footwear is important.

8. Pyramids of Güímar

Mysterious quadrate pyramidal terrace buildings still riddle the scientists of the world today. Who built them? Was it the indigenous people who wanted to glorify gods, astronomers or even aliens?

In Güímar, the agricultural centre in the south of Tenerife, stand these pyramids which are made of angled lavastones. They look like the pyramids in Mexico or Peru and fulfil important astronomic laws. Up till this day, we don´t know why they were constructed. Some think that they have something to do with the constructions in South America, and others say that they were accidentally made by farmers. What´s for sure: the pyramids are really impressive!

10 sights in Tenerife Pyramids of Güímar

The park around the Pyramids of Güímar and the corresponding museum invites every fan of history to a time travel into the past of Tenerife. They present you with the most interesting facts about these fascinating constructions. Discover the mystery of Tenerife!

9. El Médano

Do you love the sun, beaches and good food? Is your passion surfing and being in an easy-going atmosphere? Then the city El Médano is perfect for you!

10 sights on Tenerife El Medano

El Médano is one of the world’s best destinations for sailboarding and kitesurfing. Here the wind blows strong for the whole year which made it an ideal location for numerous international surf competitions. Even though El Médano is the centre of worldwide attention, don’t worry because it has still his snugness. With various small bars, fish locals, tight alleys and a very nice beach promenade  invites you to stay.

With unique flair, you will really be able to enjoy the sun of Tenerife and the sunset you can admire in the homely bars.

10. Siam Park *

The biggest waterpark in Europe, the worldwide best water leisure park, the biggest artificial wave of the world- all these titles describe the fantastic Siam Park in Thai style which has a size of 185.000 hectares.

The Siam Park offers a lot of exciting shute attractions, the longest of which is “Lazy River” or a shute with the biggest dragon statue of the world.

The highlight is the 28 meters high shute, known as the “Tower of Power,”at the end of which you will find a big aquarium with sharks and rays.

10 sights on Tenerife Siam Park

At the entrance sea lions will be waiting for you. One day at the Siam Park would be quite an experience. This park belongs to the unique attractions that only Tenerife offers!

Do you want to visit all of them? No problem! Book your Spanish course at the FU International Academy and have a great time on the wonderful island of Tenerife. We will help you with any questions that you have about your stay.

We are looking forward to seeing you and send you lots of sunny wishes,

Your FU-Team

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